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Spot Description: Another good  Mackerel and Kingfish spot.  Target the Mackerel:   The best live baits are slimy mackerel and pike and the most effective way to use them is known as slow trolling.  Put a hook through their nose and another well down their back and put them behind the wash and further back, traveling as slowly as your outboard allows.  Dead baits, however they are rigged, require speeds of 4-5 knots in order to help them “swim”; and you can’t go past a chin-rigged bonito if the goal is a large fish.   Lures should be sizable with the ability to swim at 5 knots or more.  Bibbed minnows are most commonly used, however, lipless lures have the ability to be trolled much quicker and are a good option when traveling through mackerel water.  Target the Kingfish with a variety of lures, flies or live baits.  Some lures recommended is small raiders, lazers, kokodas, and small bills slugs, also rapala minnows from CD-9 to CD-18.  For fly castings use slimey mackerel patern or a white squit like fly. Water depth is 25 meters.

Expected Catch: Reef Fish, Mackerel, Kingfish

Best season to fish this spot: Summer, Spring, Autumn

Time of day: Morning, Late Afternoon, All Day

Bait/Softbait used:  Slimy Mackerel, Pike, Soft Baits

Coordinates: 25°54.175’S, 153°12.390’E

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Posted: September 14, 2015


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