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Spot Description: This spot has delivered some good size Jewfish.    Target the Jewfish : The old saying ” fresh is best, live is better” is a good one to keep in mind.  Live or fresh cut squid are the No.1 bait.  If you are using dead squid baits they need to be fresh.  Your fresh squid needs to have that brownish color about it.  If it has that pinkish tinge about it you are pretty well wasting your time.  Other top live baits for Jewfish are Slimey mackerel, tailor plus mullet during the colder months & of course Yellowtail.  For flesh baits for jewfish striped tuna , Slimey mackerel , tailor during the warmer months & fresh mullet during the winter.  One thing which is an absolute must when rigging up & baiting up is to ensure your baits do not bunch on your hooks & the complete bend & point must be clear.  For hooks in flesh baits  use Mustad 540’s in 8/0 & 10/0 for most baits but if using big fillets of 1/2 a kilo or so make it 12/0 to 14/0.  For live baits use the largest hook possible that does not destroy the appearance or movement of the bait.  When using live squid you simply put a hook through the head about 25mm down from its point & with other live baits, hook them once behind the dorsal fin.  On flesh baits put the hook through the fillet pulling the whole eye & a few inches of line through then push the point through from the skin side once then draw the line up tight so the hook shank is laying along the skin of the fillet then half hitch the line around the tip of the fillet. Reef bottom.

Expected Catch: Jewfish

Best season to fish this spot: Summer, Spring, Autumn

Time of day: Morning, Late Afternoon, All Day

Bait/Softbait used:  Pilchards, Squid, Jack Mackerel,Yellowtail, Slimy Mackerel, Tailor Lures/Soft Plastics

Coordinates: 28°04.260’S, 153°35.550’E

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Posted: July 21, 2015


Category: Gold Coast, Queensland

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