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Spot Description:  Target Whiting, use a paternoster or ledger rig with Yabbies, Mussels or Bloodworm as bait.  Remember to modify your rig so that your bait is positioned near or even below your sinker.  Flathead may be targeted with either a strayline or ledger rig with Pichard or Squid as bait. Try a live mullet as well which may produce some big Flathead.  A good tip is to keep your flathead bait just touching the ocean floor, slightly keeping it moving.  A bottom crustacean type berley would increase your chance of success.

Expected Catch:   Whiting, Flathead

Best season to fish this spot: Summer, Spring

Time of day: Morning, Late Afternoon

Bait/Softbait used:  Yabbies, Bloodword, Pilchard, Squid, Live Mullet

Coordinates: 35°01.92’S, 138°28.10’E

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Posted: March 2, 2015


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