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This fishing rig is known as the Ledger, Dropper or a Paternoster rig.  Anyone that has fished has probably come across this rig. This rig is used mostly when fishing off a boat or a beach but can be used in many other saltwater situations. The fishing rig is effective in targeting various species from bait fish to large reef and bottom feeding species.

Ledger Fishing Rig Assembly

Kiwi Ledger Rig

The ledger fishing rig is a series of hooks branched out from a main leader. The hook branches can be made with either a loop or dropper knot or by using branch swivels.  The sinker is placed at the bottom of the rig as it is designed to be fished straight up and down. This also allows the angler to continuously stay in contact with the bait. The leader and hooks need to be matched to the target specie. The sinker can also be weighed sufficiently to allow further casting and generally snags less than a strayline rig.

A lighter monofilament line may be used on the sinker leg when fishing in snaggy environments. This will allow the sinker to separate instead of the whole rig.