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Spot Description: Hervey Bay fishing can be spectacular. This spot has delivered some good size Red Emperor, Bream and Snapper.

Target the Red Emperor: Medium to heavy spin or overhead tackle is well suited to targeting red emperor from a boat with medium to heavy strength braided, gel spun or nylon lines with a breaking strain of 30 – 80lb proving ideal. 80 – 150lb nylon leaders should be attached to bright braided or gel spun lines to prevent fish from seeing the line and also to help prevent chafe offs on rough structures.

Medium to heavy bottom fishing or jigging outfits in either spin or overhead styles are more typically suited for fishing deeper water to 100 meters.  Most standard bottom fishing baits such as cut fish strips, squid and octopus will suffice for most Red emperor situations with lures such as soft plastics and metal jigs also proving deadly on this species in northern waters. Paternoster or drift baiting rigs made from 80 – 120lb nylon are normally used to target Red emperor in deeper waters to 100 meters.  Large 8/0 – 10/0 sized hooks snooded and fished in conjunction with whole, fresh squid or fresh tuna or grinner fish fillets are a deadly method of targeting big red emperor. Longer droppers on Paternoster style rigs seem to account for better numbers of larger red’s.

Rising or full tides are best suited for targeting red emperor around most areas although some deep water locations will also produce good numbers of fish during low and falling tides. New moon phases are also preferable for most fish species including red’s.

Target the Snapper with a strayline or ledger rig useing Pilchards or Squid as bait.  Lures and soft plastics is also very successful.

Target the Bream with Chicken gut as bait, the best big bream bait is Crab and the usual Herring, Silver Biddies, Mullet is good but we recommend Yakkas, Slimies and Tailor as bait.

A nice oily berley is a must when catching Bream. Water depth is 21 meters with a sandy/rocky bottom.

Expected Catch: Red Emperor, Snapper,  Bream

Best season to fish this spot: Summer, Spring, Autumn

Time of day: Morning, Late Afternoon, All Day

Bait/Softbait used:  Cut fish strips, Squid, Octopus, Pilchards, Chicken Gud, Crab,Herring, Silver Biddies, Mullet, Yakkas, Slimies, Tailor, Lures/Soft Plastics

Coordinates: 24°55.890’S, 153°10.970’E

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Posted: March 17, 2015


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