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Spot Description:  Catch a wide variety of fish here like Dolphin Fish, Snapper, Mulloway, Teraglin, Sweetlip and Marlin only to mention a few.  Target the Marlin : Some good size Marlin have been caught here.  Live or dead baits are often used, with oily fish such as Mackerel, small Tunas, Kingfish and Mullet the predominant bait species.  Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) chase all sorts of bait fish, so consider using Pilchards or Garfish as a start.  Otherwise, they will take all sorts of hard bodies lures, soft plastics as well as skirted lures. Target the Snapper with a strayline or ledger rig useing Pilchards or Squid as bait.  Various soft baits are also excellent to catch snapper with.  A top or bottom berley should increase your chances. Sweetlip will take most bottom bouncing baits, however fresh fish flesh baits are the most successful. They respond very well to burley and if a school responds to a burley trail they can be brazen in their feeding and easy to catch. Will readily take a lure such as soft plastic when fished around shallow coral bommies.  Target the Teraglin with a Partenoster Reef Rig with Bonito, Fish flesh, Garfish, Pilchard, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Slimy mackerel (blue)or Yellowtail scad (yakka) as Bait. Target the Mulloway with fresh bait, is best and live is usually even better!  They are particularly fond of eating small tailor, luderick (blackfish), trevally, yellowtail scad, pike, mullet, pilchards, garfish, tommy ruff (herring) and slimy mackerel.  However, perhaps the deadliest offering of all is a live or very fresh squid. In the surf, generous bunches of live beach worms are hard to beat. Water depth here is 50 metres with a reef bottom.

Expected Catch:Marlin, Sweetlip, Teraglin, Mulloway, Snapper, Dolphin Fish, Marlin

Best season to fish this spot: Summer, Spring, Autumn

Time of day: Morning, Late Afternoon, All Day

Bait/Softbait used:  Squid, Jack Mackerel, Skipjack Tunas, Kingfish and Mullet, Redfish, Nannygai, Bonito, Fish flesh, Garfish, Pilchard, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Slimy mackerel (blue)or Yellowtail scad (yakka)small tailor, luderick (blackfish), trevally, pike, Lures/Soft Plastics

Coordinates: 26°31.210S, 153°17.080’E

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Posted: July 21, 2015


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